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The Wonderful Benefits to Making Your Own Beehive

August 25th, 2016 No comments

beehive plansBeekeeping for many people is something the modern world has thought of as being a commercial job rather than a hobby, which is a shame and has led to big decline in the amount of bees we see in our gardens.

We buy honey without a second thought of the work that has gone into making it but by using beehive plans you could build your own beehive and watch the process from start to finish and benefit from the work they do with pride that you were able to play a part in it.

The most popular reason people take up beekeeping is that they want to be able to produce home-made honey. It’s definitely a great reason especially if you have a sweet tooth as it can replace sugars and sweeteners in many beverages and foods.

More people than ever are trying to save money and take a do it yourself approach rather than just buying packaged goods without a clue of how much processing has gone into their purchase. You don’t need a massive amount of land to be a beekeeper just enough space to house your bees and of course beehive plans to help you build your new beehive.

As well as the beautiful honey that bees create, having bees in your garden could improve the way your garden grows because of their need to pollinate to product honey. Just by housing bees you could increase and enhance the way your fruit, vegetables and flowers grow!

If you have children, or just for your own curiosity want to see the lifestyle of a bee then having your own beehive is a great way to get up close and personal. It’s a great educational tool and there are still many things that even scientists cannot fathom. Who knows you might just find out for yourself?

If you want a relaxing rewarding hobby then starting off with beehive plans to make your beehive from scratch and then watching the bees at work can be very rewarding. It’s known to be extremely relaxing and can take beekeepers minds off the stresses of modern day life, you can literally lose hours just watching them.

Your beehive plans can be the start of being able to produce and supply goods to others. You may not wish to do so commercially but you can create the most wonderful gifts for special occasions from candles, lip balms and so much more. These beautiful creatures may not be able to become your domestic pets, however they are still great companions and a beautiful bond can be build between beekeepers and thousands of bees.

The pollen that is brought into the hive contains Propolis which is known for its health properties including helping allergies and even as a supplement to other medication. There are many health properties that beekeepers will swear by and the need for certain medications can be lowered.

You could intertwine your bee keeping with other hobbies from baking to woodwork and even making cosmetics whether you want to join up with a friend or family member or do it all yourself. All this can be created just from getting beehive plans to begin one of the most enjoyable hobbies with numerous benefits.


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Great Reasons to Keep Bees

August 25th, 2016 No comments

beehive plansIf you like the idea of beekeeping, whether at home or on another’s land one of the first things you are going to need is a beehive to house your new friends. With beehive plans you can have the satisfaction of creating a beehive from scratch to suit your own specific needs and beekeeping preferences.

As well as being a proud moment when bees start to inhabit yourself made hive, it is also a way that you can save on set up costs which of course is a plus for all beekeepers.

There are lots of reasons why people keep bees; the first is usually the fascination with these greatly feared yet admired insects. They’re known for their hardworking colony’s witch each member having their own part to play.

Having beehive plans will give you a place to begin. It can be very relaxing to watch bees at work in the beehive you have built from your own plans, although the bees of course are the ones who are doing most of the work you will know that you have played a major part in giving them somewhere to live and work.


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Beekeeping will allow you to benefit from the great qualities of honey, which can be used to sweeten foods and drinks and even fermented into wine which is known as mead. You are playing a big part in helping bees to pollinate up to 80% of flowers enabling them to continue their life cycle.

Although mosquitoes are also responsible for pollination they’re pretty annoying and most people would welcome a hardworking bee over a blood sucking mosquito any day of the week.

It’s not just honey that bees produce, they also give you candles if you want to harvest the beeswax. This beeswax can also be used to make balms and other products that you can use for cleaning, shining and in beauty products.

Whether you want to do this for yourself or sell the balm so that it can be produced by someone else it could bring you a nice little income. The bees are paying their rent for the home you have given them in their own little way.

The biggest joy of making a beehive with beehive plans will be learning more about their behavior and how they work in their own little world. It’s amazing to watch and see how they come together without language skills to intuitively create a network that works well.

Bees are amazing in how they have managed to survive and make honey through evolution. You can naturally work alongside bees and become part of a bigger picture rather than working for them.

If you want to set up your own beehive you should definitely consider using Warre beehive plans to do so, giving you pride when bees set up home and give you a new hobby to partake in that pays for itself.

From watching them working away seemingly without effort to enjoying the fruits of their labor the beehive plans can give you years and years of enjoyment that all started with a piece of paper.
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